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Here at Laundry & Linen Hire, we have spent many years listening to our customer’s comments and concerns.


Through giving our clients the attention they deserve, we were able to constantly improve our service and eradicate most of the common problems you may experience with your laundry service.


Please take a look at some of the most common issues clients suffer from. We have presented short concise answers to such queries, if you would like more elaboration or have any other questions about the benefits we can offer you please get in touch directly and we will be delighted to assist you!

“How does your system work? Do you provide a holding stock for me to keep at my restaurant? Do I have to pay for this?”


Not only do we provide you with sufficient stock in circulation, we also keep a holding stock at your establishment so that you always feel confident that you won’t run out.


We constantly monitor this and alert you when we feel that the reserve stock has decreased.


Whatever we pick up, we deliver the next time. If you feel you need more stock in your cycle, it’s a phone call away and we will gladly deliver.


The holding stock is completely free of charge and you do not incur additional costs when ordering it.

“Suppose I’m in a fixed term contract, am I bound by it until the end of the contract period? Am I able to amend my price plan whilst contracted?”


We understand that the catering sector is all but unpredictable. This is why we offer a range of flexible contract arrangements that would best suit your establishment. Nothing is set in stone and we will discuss the best option for your establishment with you and amend your contract terms accordingly.

“I keep getting charged for stock loss and damaged linen but I am certain that the problem is not coming from me? How do you tackle this issue?”


We monitor the stock constantly and we keep a record of every delivery made to you. This information will be easily available to you using your login details. Just simply login and you can see your delivery record.


Our vibrant Team is always advising our customers on the best way of storing and maintaining linen. This reduces dramatically the amount of linen that gets damaged due to misuse. In the event of receiving any damages, the customer will be made aware of the situation prior to anything.


Stock takes are held quarterly in the presence of the restaurant manager to ensure a fair and accurate count.

“I have a problem getting hold of someone at head office with my current supplier? This is frustrating me! What can you offer instead?”


We have a strict policy concerning answering your calls. Calls to the office should be answered every time. In the event of somebody missing your call, leave a message and someone will get back to you within 15 minutes.


We will also provide you with various mobile numbers that include drivers, managers and even directors!


Our website also enables you to post urgent messages should you prefer that!